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I have a few more programs you may download.
Please check them out.

Logbook is a small diary-type program.
You can keep events, or thoughts, and retrieve them later.
It is password protected (not to be use for ultra-secure stuff).
And multiple logbooks can be created.
This is my first program offered to the public.
The complete program is free, but to get help on it, it must be registered for $5 US dollars.

Check out Logbook!


When I became interested in Home Arcades, I downloaded a menu program (or "Front End") called GLaunch.
I like GLaunch a lot, but I needed a way to start it at computer power on, then shutdown the computer when I was finished with GLaunch.
I also wanted a way to cancel the shutdown in case I needed to get into Windows to do some maintenace.
So I wrote GLauncher.
GLauncher was the predecessor to The Launcher.
Glauncher is completly free.

Check out Glauncher!


MenuMaker for Glaunch
Glaunch allows you to use different game emulators. Since I only use MAME, I decided to use the additional emulators as game favorites lists.
So I created a program that would do that.
Menumaker for Glaunch allows you to create several favorites lists, so you dont have to scroll through all the games to find your favorites.
MenuMaker for Glaunch is free.

Check out MenuMaker for Glaunch!


Copyright 2006 by Ken Rager